How to Beat the House Edge in Online Casinos



Whenever you play casino games, the casino always wins. This is because the casino operates with a business model that ensures its profitability. It includes built-in advantages, called the “house edge,” which represents the average gross profit for a game. The longer you play, the higher your odds of falling victim to this advantage.

House edge

A casino’s house edge is a percentage that represents the house’s advantage in a game. It can seem complicated at first, but understanding it can help you choose which slots to play. The house edge in slots varies from 3% to 20%, depending on the specific game.

Common casino games

Some of the most popular games in casinos are the roulette wheel and the slot machines. Other games include poker, video poker, and bingo. These games require players to place wagers on which player they think will win.

Side bets

Casino side bets are optional wagers that players can place before the cards are dealt. If the dealer and players form a qualifying hand, the side bet wins. The house edge on side bets is much higher than on the main bet. Therefore, these side bets should be avoided unless you are confident in your own skills.


Casino comps are rewards for playing at a casino. These incentives are awarded based on your activity, and they differ by day of the week and by time of day. They are based on a mathematical calculation, which considers the house edge, average bets per hour, and average bets per session. Since casinos serve thousands of customers per day, they have a good idea of what you are worth.

Gaming operations

Gaming operations in casinos entail a variety of activities. For example, managers must supervise slot machines and high-stakes card games. They must also investigate possible fraud. In addition, managers must make customers happy and keep them playing.

Mafia money flow into casinos

The German mafia is well known for its use of online casinos to launder money. Although the German police have been largely unsuccessful in this endeavor, the European Court of Justice has set up a panel to review the laws and investigate how online gambling sites enable the mafia to operate. The mafia derives its income from illegal activities, such as drugs, forced prostitution, and human trafficking. A UN study estimates that organized crime earns $2.1 billion dollars a year, but it must find ways to put that money into the legal economy to stay alive.